Our Savior's Lutheran Church Foundation Inc.

Our Savior's Foundation Incorporated is a non-profit corporation founded by the Our Savior's congregation in 1969. It was founded to expand the witness and mission of Our Savior's, while providing the congregation a fiduciary for special funds and other generous donations. Our Savior's Foundation contains an endowment feature to support and solidify the financial well-being of the church. Enhancing and growing the endowment and continued gift giving are the primary goals of the foundation board.

  • The corporation belongs to you the congregation of Our Savior's Lutheran Church (OSLC) and is a financial strength for the congregation.
  • The corporation is operated for religious, charitable and educational purposes. Gifts are distributed as per those guidelines.
  • The corporation is in place to accept, hold, administer, invest and disburse funds as received from a person, persons or corporations.

Ways to grow OSLC Foundation

  • Legacy giving is responsible for about 65% of foundation growth nationally.
  • Legacy giving to OSLC Foundation may be gifted through, but not limited to; cash, insurance policies, annuities, wills and trusts.
  • Giving to the Foundation has tax advantages.
  • For further information, please see one of our pastors or a member of the Foundation Board.

Our Savior's Lutheran Church

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Worship with Holy Communion - 9:00 a.m.
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Radio Broadcast (KOVC 1490 AM/96.3 FM) - 11:00 a.m.

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On the Radio
Our worship service is broadcast on the radio on Sundays at 11:00 am on KOVC 1490.


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